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The Perfect Accommodation

For a Polo Holiday

Various options are available from seaside apartments with glorious views of the warm east coast ocean to cottages located close to the Polo barns where early morning and evening out rides can be enjoyed to safari type accommodation in game reserves offering the Big 5 namely Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino and Leopard.

Enjoy a polo holiday with the whole family as Ballito Polo ensures that the family is entertained while the polo playing members are enjoying the thrill of the game.


5 Star Stays

Accommodation from RXX to RXX
Ballito Polo will provide a luxury stay based on what your personal needs are.

Tropical Resort


3 Star Stays

Accommodation from RXX - RXX. Let us know how many people you wish to accompany you, how you’d like the facility to look, what your needs are and we’ll take it from there. Members are eligible for special discounts.

Boutique Hotel Bedroom


Economical Stays

From RXX - RXX
Mark your Polo Holiday experience here.  Stay with your friends and family with cost effective accommodation.

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